Handcrafted bronze door handles

…with a touch of exception

Story; The French/Dutch connection

De Nobili is born from an association between the French traditional ‘savoir faire’ –all the models from the Collection are in massiv Bronze , sandcast, carved and patinated in France by one of the best  renowned Bronze craftsman  – and the audacious and innovative spirit from the Dutch craftsmen and artists – the finishes and final mounting are made in The Netherlands .

The Door Handles from De Nobili  are unique. Noble and  contemporary, minimaliste and elegante, simple and luxury minded .

The Collection De Nobili is a challenge ; it ‘s designed for  the  lovers of noble material and traditional art.


‘Le veritable voyage de découverte ne consiste pas à chercher de nouveaux paysages mais à avoir de nouveaux yeux’ –  Marcel Proust

‘A new perspective on door handles’

‘Nomade’ or ‘Elsewhere’ , each line is inspired by the emotions evoked through experiences in travels, landscapes and people. All handles and knobs are made from prestigious materials selected to compliment each other ; Bronze, leather, essence of the finest  wood,  semi precious stones, crystals  SWAROVSKI.

Each model is reflective of a new spirit on the decorative hardware  and offers  a  new horizon upon encountering a personalized door. They tastefully convey the feeling of something exceptional via their quality and simple elegance.

Valérie Tura Boudewijns

Valérie Tura was working during 15 years in Paris for a renowned french manufacturer of bronze locks and door handles. During this time, she acquired an extensive  knowledge of the art of traditional  bronze castings and their fashioning into highly functional yet beautiful hardware fixtures for doors and windows. She has worked with renowned designers and architects on world-class projects, and is fluent in various languages.

When she moved to the Netherlands, she collaborated on interior  projects with experimented craftsmen,  and she decided to utilize her expertise to engage in the design and execution of door hardware for specialty projects.

While this business has a highly functional aspect, for high quality door hardware, she realized a passion for bronze,  inherent in this process for custom door handles that reflected the personality of the property owner. This aspect has a long history, for many hundreds of years in France…where door and doorknobs communicated the heart of the owner.

This passion for  bronze and noble materials has inspired her to develop a new perspective on door handles : to turn a useful  daily tool into an emotional item reflecting a little part of the home-owner soul .

‘We are living in a world of e-consumption. The idea of luxury is to keep  a sens of rarity, by valuing the item’s expression itself rather than the act of consumption’.